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Favourtie Online Shopping Websites


So like every other girl I am obsessed with online shopping and tend to spend too much time on websites when I should be doing other things.  At present I am waiting on four separate orders to arrive which illustrates my problem.  This post is dedicated to the obsession that is online shopping and I would like to share some of my favourite sites where I love to shop on.

This site has been my go to for online shopping for clothes for a while now and I have bought a couple of cool pieces off it.  They used to have free shipping to New Zealand but now you have to spend over $30 to qualify for it but most of the cheapest items are 20-25 dollars and if you by more than one item its not hard to get free shipping.

Feel Unique
So I discovered this website via Nana Wintour and I am completely obsessed with it, mostly because it has free shipping.  I bought two Real Techniques make up brushes; the Blush Brush as well as the Setting Brush.  Real Techniques are not sold in New Zealand and they are really good brushes so I had to have them.  They do also sell makeup which is not good for my shopping habit, I also got a lip gloss by Rimmel London which is my favourite brand of makeup, its cheap and good quality. 

This website is a New Zealand website and to get on it you have to get invited and it has a range of sales from designer clothes to home ware and accessories.  One thing they do that is cool is they sometimes have jewellery lucky dips in which you pay like eight dollars and you could either get a cheap piece of jewellery or a expensive designer piece.

Xo Beauty
Xo Beauty brushes are designed by Shaaanxo who does YouTube tutorial make up videos as well as other videos. She' a New Zealander and I am obsessed with her videos, every time I watch one my makeup wish list grows and I also discover new websites such as Pop Basic which every month there is a different look of like three pieces of clothing and on the websites there are also style tips of how to wear the pieces.  The brushes are amazing they are also reasonably priced which is also a plus.  I currently have the flat top brush which I use for putting on foundation and is really good.

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any go to online shopping websites feel free to share.


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