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Samson and Delilah


So its finally that time of the year when I'm pretty much done with all my coursework for uni (thank god) apart from the final exams.  My last essay was for a theology paper which I took because my interests in Art History are set around the Renaissance and Baroque era which most of the subject matter is religious.  One of the many stories in the Bible include Samson and Delilah which is the subject matter for my first painting.

This artwork is by the Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens and was done around 1609-1610.  This depicts a important point in the story when Delilah betrays Samson when he tells her the secret of his strength.  She informs the Philistine guards who then cut his hair and arrest him.  I personally love this painting as it highlights Rubens key characteristics such as the voluptuous curves and muscles of the two main characters as well as the signature pop of bright red of Delilah's clothing.  I also love the attention to detail in terms of the satin material which look realistic and works well with the light coming from the left.
I'm not sure how much more say but ill leave it there and hope you like this painting as well.

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