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Vintage Finds


So today my family and I went to my Grandparents house to clean it up and get rid of some junk so it can be sold.  Like pretty much all Grandparents they had a lot of old vintage stuff some of which I liked and got to take home.

J'adore by Christian Dior
I found this cool bottle in a box full of other jars and bottles and this one in particular stood out to me.  I love the curviness and the shape of it and it kind of reminds me of one Katy Perry's perfume bottles (I think).  There are still traces of the scent which has a slightly musky smell to it but is not really my type of scent.

Vintage Suitcase
I found this as well as bigger ones in my Grandparents garage and really liked it.  In cool little shops such as Typo I always see suitcases likes these with stickers or images of the Eiffel Tower on it and I have always wanted one.  The case used to have tags on it and there are still faint traces of what was on them which I think was my Grandfathers name and phone number.  I hope to do these up like in the shops and put cool little images on it such as monuments from places I'd love to travel to.

Crystal Quartz
I'm not really sure what the stone is exactly but I found it in my Grandparent garden and liked the look of it.  The stone is quite big and heavy but fits well in my collection of different crystals.

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