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Jewellery Lucky Dip

Haven't been doing posts much since I've been the middle of final exams for uni, but my last exam was yesterday which means I'm done with study for the rest of the year YAY!
So I've posted almost all the stuff I've bought online apart from a Jewellery Lucky Dip which I bought off Once'it.  I've bought one once before and got a cool little heart ring which I really like so I decided to by two this time.
This time I got two chain necklaces which are really cool and could go with any outfit.  One of them is silver and the other is a kind of light reddish bronze colour, not sure how to describe it but its really cool.  Pictures below give a better look at them.
Hope you enjoyed this post, I've bought another thing online (of course) so will hopefully have a post on it soon, but might do another artwork post before that. Comment if you like on what kind of art you want to see.

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