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So as well as being obsessed with beauty, shopping and art I am also really interested in the ancient world, most particularly Ancient Rome.  One of the courses I took for university was one on the art and society of Ancient Rome and it was one of my most favourite papers as it combined my two interests.
One of the things we looked at was the Pantheon which is the most amazing building in Rome.  It was built to worship multiple pagan gods, and the building survived as it was used to be a Christian Church as anything pagan was destroyed.
The building is interesting in that the front porch/entrance of the building is a typical rectangle front with a triangular roof but the body of the building is a circular dome.
The columns on the porch and inside the temple look to be all Corinthian style and help illustrate the weightiness of the building. The front porch originally had statures of Augustus and Agrippa, his right hand man which could possibly illustrate the temple being dedicated to them as well as the gods as Augustus was Rome's greatest ruler and Agrippa was who the originally commissioned the building.
Inside the building the floor pattern is made of cut stone, and was made to drain naturally.  decoration columns also line the inside. The are eight recessed areas in which the alternate between being rectangular and circular shape.
The image above show how grand and spectacular the building is and is definitely on dream list of places to visit.
Hope you enjoyed this post, I have once again splurged on make up and have some new products which I will do posts on soon.

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