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NYX Collection


So last year I said I was going to do a post on what NYX pieces I got but never ended up doing it so here it is.
I've heard good things about this brand and it was only since last year that I had actually heard of it  as well as others which I am discovering as I try to learn more about make up and beauty.
One of the things that attracted my to this brand was how cheap it was as well as it being good quality make up.

Going in to buying I really wanted to get a blush as well as the Wonder Pencil.  The pencil is in medium and can be used for practically anything such being a eyeliner or a lip liner.  When looking at picking a blush I wasn't too sure of which one to get so I once again picked one with a nice name.  The blush is called Dusty Rose and is very nice as it's not too bright and adds a nice subtle rosiness to my cheeks. 
While shopping I got distracted by the lipsticks and fell in love with a very nice red called Chaos.  I decided to get it as I'm a bit obsessed with red lipstick and I like it.  The colour is a nice rose/raspberry red and is creamy and goes on well.  My only problem is that with the shape of the tip its a bit hard for my to put on my lips so it would probably be wise to use a lip brush when applying.
Overall I really love what I got and there are a few other NYX products which I really want to get as well.
Hope you enjoyed this post. Since I'm in the middle of Summer School I probably won't be blogging as much, but I'll try to do at least one post a week. xoxox

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