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Style Inspiration - Taylor Swift


So on Friday after a hard day at uni I was scanning through my Instagram feed and came across a photo posted by E! News that caught my eye.

E! said they were loving Taylor's fashion at the moment and I say I'd have to agree with them.
I love everything about the three outfits she is shown in and how simple and chic they are and can be perfect for both day and night.  For some reason I really have a thing for shirt collars and I especially love them on dresses which gives them a kind of private school/Parisian style look.  I also love blazers which gives an outfit a cool, sophisticated look and looks good with a dress, skirt or jeans. 
With the third photo I LOVE her red boots which match her classic red lips which polishes off this classy look.
These three outfits are definitely examples of how I would love to dress on an every day basis and I hope one day I can.
Hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any style inspirations/icons feel free to comment.
Auckland, New Zealand

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