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Elf Collection


Sorry for the late post, I had my final exam for summer school on Monday so I've been cramming in hopes I can remember something useful.  Hopefully I did well.
I haven't bought any new makeup but I got some Elf products last year that I have not yet written about so I thought I would do it and give you all a break from art.

Elf Eyebrow Kit in Medium
I am obsessed with Shaaanxo and her makeup videos on YouTube and this product was one of her favourites for doing her eyebrows.  I wasn't sure was shade to go for so I went for medium just to be safe.  I haven't really used it yet, as my eyebrows are a mess and I don't have any proper brushes to use.  Hopefully this year once I get some money I can buy more stuff to add to my collection.
Elf Liquid Eyeliner
Shaaanxo also recommend this product in her beginners makeup video, with it being very easy to apply and remove.  I'm not really good with eyeliner so I've been using it as practice in trying to do winged eyeliner which is a bit hit and miss.  So far I haven't yet succeeded but it is easy to used and does come off easily when I make a complete mess of it.
Hope you all enjoyed this post, hopefully I can do more frequent posts as I have more free time.

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