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Peter Paul Rubens


So I'm almost at the last leg of summer school, YAY, one two hour exam then I'm done for two weeks until semester one starts *sigh*.
I'm doing another art post today, mainly because I have no new makeup or nothing really other things to post, but once I get my allowance I can buy new things to write about.

This is a portrait of Marchesa Brigida Spinola Doria and so far it's my favourite portrait by Rubens, in fact it's even my most favourite portrait ever. 
I love the technique used in how Ruben's is able to paint fabrics especially satin really well and looks very realistic and I would think would look even more amazing up close and personal.  I love her delicate hands as well as her flawless face which is perfectly round and the intricacy of her ruff.  The grandeur and dramatic nature of the architecture and the red curtain behind her adds to the overall  spectacular nature of the portrait and was indicative of Ruben's style.
Hope you all enjoyed this post, hopefully next time I can come up with something different and cool.

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