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Summer Clothes


So during the Summer I kind of made a vow to myself that I would wear more dresses and skirts rather than jeans, which I wear all the time.  I somewhat succeeded and thought I would share a few of my favourite pieces which I wore numerous times.

Printed dress on the left is one I got from Jay Jays and as soon as I saw it I loved it.  I loved the design of the print as well as the choice of colours; blue, purple and pink which are kind of my three favourite colours ever.  The dress is fitted and has a zip at the side.  It also has kind of a high neckline but it looks nice on me.
Red Velvet skirt top middle is from Boohoo and like with every other pieces of clothing I saw it and I knew I had to have it.  What I loved about it was first of all its colour and I loved how it shimmered thanks to the velvet and when I got it I discovered the velvet was in this cool design which just added to my love for this piece.  With this skirt I have this top which is from Postie Plus which is black and light grey and has flower and leaf designs on it and the two pieces work really well together.
Floral skirt bottom middle is from Valley Girl and from what I can remember I found it in one of their sale racks which was awesome for me :D.  I love the bright colourful flowers on it and gives the skirt a very summery feel to it.  I usually pair it with a coloured shirt over top, usually blue to match the flowers or purple.
Purple/Pinky dress on the right is a dress Mum got for me at The Warehouse and it's pretty much my go to dress if I'm going out shopping or uni as it's just easy to wear and simple.  I actually saw this dress in a different colour in one of The Warehouse's brochures and I really liked it so I was very excited when she came home with this.  I LOVE this colour which is kind of purple/pink and the material is very soft and is very comfortable to wear.
Hope you all enjoyed this post :D

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