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Nails of the Day

So yesterday while I was trying to work on my essay, I noticed my nails were a bit bare and dull so I decided it was a good time as any to paint them.  I wanted to do something I haven't done before colour combination wise which led me to what my nails look like now.
The purple is called Grape Times and is a 'Express Finish' by Maybelline New York.  I've had this colour for quite a while and I love the rich deep colour.  Like the title says it does dry quite fast and it pays to do a couple of coats to achieve the deep colour.  However it does chip easily after a couple of days so it pays to have a base and top coat on.
The shimmery metallic blue is a Turquoise Shatter polish by O.P.I.  I love the colour, this is the first time I've used it and wanted to see if it went well with the purple.  I think it looks amazing on the nails I got right.  Pays to do only one coat so it shatters while it dries, if you do more than one it's will just look like a thin messy cover over the base colour.
Hope you all enjoyed this post

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