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New Clothes


Like I mentioned in a previous post I'm going to a family wedding so I thought I'd share the amazing dress I'm wearing because it's so pretty and also another cool piece of clothing that was really really cheap, which is awesome.

Dress from Forever New
I had originally a cool black dress from Farmers which I was going to wear but it was kind of plain and boring and I wanted something fun and colourful which is exactly what I got. The dress has a very high neck and sort of drapes in the back which I couldn't really show off as it was freezing and I wore my jacket the whole time.  It also comes it at the waist so there's no need for a belt and the dress has a very ethereal quality to it. The dress was quite expensive and hopefully there will be other opportunities to wear it out.

White Blazer from the Warehouse
I first saw this piece at the Warehouse at Takanini and it was only $10! unfortunately there was only one left and not in my size.  However when I went to get the dress above from Sylvia Park we went into the Warehouse there and found some and they were still only $10. I've always loved blazers and wanted to have some but the ones I find are quite expensive so I was understandably excited when I found this.  I fits me really nicely and could really work with any outfit for any occasion.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I recently bought some new beauty products so expect to see them pretty soon ;)

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