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New Lime Crime Lipsitck


I kind of have a obsession with lipsticks and I pretty much want every colour in every brand so when I saw Pagan Marie Boutique was restocking their Lime Crime lipsticks I thought I might get one, passing it off as a celebratory gift for passing summer school ;).

The colour I really wanted, Glamour 101 was sold out so I went with the runner up which was Centrifuchsia which I wanted anyway.

While the lip stick itself looks purple when applied on my lips its more of a purple/pink hybrid which looks amazing!  As usual it smells nice and is creamy and goes on nice.  Make sure your lips aren't too dry and also to wet as you won't get a nice application of colour.  For some reason I have problems with the middle inside of my bottom lip and I can't get colour on it *sigh*.
Hope you all enjoyed this post :D


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