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So the day has come where my stress levels are about to rise to an all time high and I lose my sanity, that's right university has once again started.  Last week my Mum and I went out shopping in hopes of finding some shoes for a wedding that's this week, shoes were bought... but not for that occasion (oops).

I am obsessed with these shoes! Both pairs were bought from Number One Shoes and they had a sale  where if you bought $50 or more you get 25% off which was awesome.
Black Canvas Shoes: I used to have a pair exactly like these which I LOVED. I literally wore them all the time especially to uni.  They ended up falling a part and I really wanted another pair.  These were only $20 I know I will have good use of them.
Ruby Bronte Shoe: I saw these shoes displayed at the front of the store and I soon as I saw them I loved them.  What drew me to them was the colour, I've never had shoes this colour, and also the material it's made of, they are very soft and velvety.  This pair was $50 but with the sale both pairs ended up only costing the price for these shoes. 
Hope you enjoyed this post :D

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