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XO Beauty Brushes


So a while ago XO Beauty had their first birthday and to celebrate they had all their brushes on sale; this for me was too good an opportunity to miss.  I've been meaning to get some more brushes and I made it into a 21st birthday gift to myself.

 Kabuki Brush
This brush has been on my must have list for a while and I when I saw the sale it was the first brush in my shopping cart.  Before buying this brush I had been putting my pressed powder on with my Real Techniques Blush Brush. It was ok but I like having one brush for each job; I don't know why but for me it's just easier.  This brush is amazing first of all it's so soft and I love when I applying the powder it spreads evenly.

Bronzer Brush
This brush was also a big one on my must have list as I didn't really have a proper bronzer brush and the one I've been using just didn't work well at all.  Like the Kabuki its so soft, I love brushing it on my face and the best part is having a even distribution of bronzer which doesn't make me look I have a bad fake tan.

Eyebrow Brush
It was a hard time trying to pick just three brushes to buy and I was tossing up between this brush and the blending brush; I decided to go for this one as I'm still a novice at this make up stuff and I don't really have any eye shadows to use anyway.  This brush is definitely better than the one that comes with the Elf Eyebrow kit. I haven't really used it yet as my eyebrows are horrible and want to get them professionally shaped.  The brush is also good for smudging eyeliner which helped me decide to buy it.

Hope you all enjoyed this post.  Sorry for the lack of posts, once again the stress of assignments is bearing down and takes up my time.  I'll try to do at least two posts a week... hopefully.


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