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Daily Inspiration - The Crimes of Paris


So lately I've being trying take a good look at things and find things that inspire me.  While researching for an essay I found this book entailing the story of the theft of the Mona Lisa.  While the book was very helpful for my research (as well as interesting to read) I was really struck by the title of the book as well as the design of the cover and the front page.

When I first saw the book the first thing that struck me was (of course) the cover.  I liked how the title took up the majority of the cover with the key words 'Crime' and 'Paris' being larger and in different fonts.  I particularly love the font 'Paris' is in; it kind of reminds of font that is on carnival/fair posters.  I also love the title itself; it's very attention grabbing and I don't know why I just like the word crime (especially combined with art) and of course love anything to do with Paris.  The background image fits well with the title and the font with it showing old style French architecture which for me adds to the French feel of the book.
On the front page, before the book starts, it again has the title but styled very differently.  The image gives a strong Art Nouveau feel, most particularly with the amazing font as well as it's background, a oval with embellished border which reminds of vintage hand held mirrors.  The image kind of brought back memories for me as in Yr 12 design we look at Art Nouveau, which then made me remember how long ago it was... On a positive note, it's made me get into looking at Art Nouveau style design which is amazing!
Hope you all enjoyed this post.  I am now finally on mid-semester break (YAY!) which means no more early mornings :) I do however have a couple of essay's that need starting *sigh* but it's better to start earlier that later ;)  Hope you enjoy the weekend!

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