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Daily Inspiration - Pink


So today was the first day back to uni which means an end to sleep ins and basically just doing nothing all day.  This post is kind of another daily inspiration type thing since whenever I see this thing it brightens up my day.  This time around it's a colour and my renewed love for it was inspired when I started to paint my nails (and are still in the process of doing).
Pop Challenge Pink
This is just an outfit I made on Polyvore using my fave colour
That's right, it's pink. It's not really a surprise really since my blog is mainly pink, but oh well I love the colour.  When deciding what to paint my nails I was in a pink kind of mood so I started to paint them in O.P.I's Strawberry Margarita (I pretty much picked the colour because of the name). It's a bright bubble-gum pink, It always reminds me of something sweet and in general just makes my happy.
Hope you all enjoyed this post. Would love to know what makes you happy, whether it's a colour or whatever.


  1. I love pink, always have and always will. Things that make me happy...theres a longggg list, infact I could probably write a novel. But colourwise at the moment I'm loving pastel anything and matte gold.


    1. Love gold as well, almost on the same level as pink ;)


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