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My Favourite Things #1


So I've been trying of thinking of something to do for Friday's post as a kind of a bookmark for the end of the week kind of thing.  I've come up with idea where I just post my three or however how many favourite things each week which could include art, clothes or blog posts. 

So here it goes...

Fav piece of art of the week
This one was really hard as there are so many great works of art that I love but I went with a piece by an artist who I discovered and fell in love with last year.

Caravaggio - Boy with a Basket of Fruit, 1593-94
There are many reasons why I love this artist. One is his realistic depiction of muscles, still-life as well as drapery which is on display in the image above.  He is known for is dramatic compositions which are full of action and movement, some of his subject matter such as the one above is very seductive which is helped by the dramatic lighting which is one of his defining features.
Fav piece of clothing - Leopard print leggings

I'm on break at the moment and I've been spending all my time at home which means I get to wear anything I want and not get judged.  When getting dressed in the morning I've put these one on more than one occasion.  The main reason why I love them is that there're comfy, there're not too heavy and also the print makes me feel daring.  While I do love wearing them there're restricted to the home as I am not that daring to wear them out.

Fav Blog Post - 'My Shoe Collection' Lily Pebbles
There are always a large number which I really like but this one really stood out.  I love how upbeat and fun it was, the editing was great, and was a really cool way to show off her shoes, which by the way are amazing and I want some.

You can watch it here

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you do let me know, I hope to make this a weekly thing :)

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