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New Discovery - Polyvore


So little over a week ago I joined this website called Polyvore and since then I'm pretty much been obsessed with it.  I joined to create a set to design different ways to wear with a piece of any collection by Pop Basic with pink accessories.  It was so much fun, it allowed me to get back into my creative side and style an outfit.
On the website you can create any sort of sets you want, there's literally millions of different images to use ranging from beauty, fashion to home ware.  The website even has it's own competitions which you can create a set for based on just a colour or specific piece of clothing.  As well as that you can also create collections of make up, accessories, shoes or whatever you want.  What's also cool is that every image has below it what website it's from such as ASOS or Topshop so you could buy it if you wanted to and has the price in New Zealand Dollars.

These are some of my designs... 

The White Shirt

Coral Lips
Celeb Home Syle - Alexa Chung
Hope you all enjoyed this post. The link to my profile is along the sidebar and I hope you all try out the website. Hope you all have a good Easter and enjoy the long weekend :D

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