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Tuesday Adventure - Auckland Art Gallery


So yesterday I had to make a little trip into the city which meant getting up really early :(.  A book I had had got recalled so it was kind of a forced trip, but I made use of my time and being a good student I went straight to the libraries.  After being sick of looking at books I had lunch and went to one of my favourite places in Auckland, the Art Gallery.
I don't know why but I just love going to the gallery and walking through it, looking at the variety of different art and being able to look up close at it which is a nice change from seeing it off a power point in my lectures.  The gallery has a variety of art from contemporary to more traditional pieces and in some exhibitions there are digital pieces such as the one I saw yesterday that also had accompanying music to it.  As well as the art, I also love the architecture of the building.  I especially love the classical features, which interests the ancient historian in me, such as the Doric and Corinthian order columns in the different galleries.
One of my dream jobs would be to be able to work in a gallery like this or a museum and be able to work with art everyday. The gallery has opportunities to volunteer which is something I am seriously considering.

Hope you all enjoyed this post


  1. I love this gallery as well! I am currently studying art history and want to get into curating, working there would be a dream!


    1. Me too! It would be amazing to work there. Do you study at Auckland Uni?


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