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A New Old Discovery

A week or so ago when I was deciding what to wear for the day I headed over to my wardrobe which is not my default place where I pick out my clothes, I usually just rummage through my drawers in my dressing table and pick out something.  I felt like something different so headed over.  In my wardrobe are all my dresses, jackets and a few odd shirts that I didn't want stuffed in the drawers. As the title suggests I found a piece that is really cool and classic and something I would want to buy.

I've had this for a couple of years and I think when I first got it I didn't really like it that much and it was a bit small for me.  Fast forward to now and I really love it and is somehow not as small as I remember it.  I really love blazer type jackets and I really wanted to get a black one so it was a win when I rediscovered it.

As you can see the jacket doesn't have buttons but folds of fabric which you can cross over if your feeling a bit cold.  I really like the style of it, the length of the jacket is longer at the front and it can go with any outfit.

Hope you all enjoyed this post


  1. I love blazers, I really want one. This is so cute!
    Eden from edenroses xx

    1. Thank you! Same, I love how versatile they are so I was really happy when I found it :D


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