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Beauty Lucky Dip


You might remember me mention the website Once'it before when I blogged about a jewellery lucky dip.  They were running these lucky dips again and I wasn't going to get one until I saw a beauty one and I just couldn't help myself and bought one, *sigh*.

When the parcel came it was like Christmas or my birthday and I literally ripped it open and also had some fun with the bubble wrap ;).

In the parcel was two makeup brushes from 'UBU'; the orange one is a concealer brush while the purple one is for smudging out eye makeup.  I haven't got any brushes like these before, I've seen them on the website before, they're quite cheap and the orange brush head is quite stiff'; be interesting to see how well they work.
The parcel also included a 'intense hydrating mask' by art a face which I have never heard of but was excited to try.  So far I've only tried it once so not enough time to see a difference; the mask felt very silicone like and I could definitely feel it on my face and did not come off easily. My face did feel fresh afterwards, not too dry and also not oily which is a plus.

Hope you all enjoyed this post

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  1. I saw they were doing these, was tossing up whether or not to get it. You got some interesting products!

    CassandraMyee | Beauty | Fashion | Life


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