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Favourite Book Series - Bloodlines

This post is a follow up to my favourite book series (Vampire Academy) and I have to say that this books series might just be better than Vampire Academy; but then again it's might be (yes it is) because a certain character is more central in this series. But more to that later ;)

The series is a spin off and kind of sequel to Vampire Academy (see my post on this series here) and is quite hard to explain without giving too much away of what happens at the end of the first series, but I'll try my best.
This series follows Sydney, who you would have met before, and her complicated life being and Alchemist.  She and along with a couple of other characters readers have already met are in Palm Springs to protect and hide Jill for a reason you'd know if you have read the last VA book (see how hard it is!)  Throughout the series we see Sydney lax in her prejudice against vampires (and discover a new skill) which leads her to fall in love with (my favourite character) Adrian.  I don't know why I love Adrian, I just do, he has great one-liners, a snarky attitude but at the same time is sweet; you just can't help loving him.  He is 'one' of the reasons why I love this series more as he *spoiler* gets the girl and there's just more of him.
Along with the whole vampire element it also is just kind of like a teen drama with each character having their own problems with relationships, high school etc.

So far there is only four books published and the next one Silver Shadows comes out soon.  The author posted the first chapter online and it was AMAZING can't wait for it :D

Hope you all enjoyed this post. I've pretty much read every book I have and need something new to read so I would love to hear any recommendations of any series I can get obsessed about.


  1. I absolutely LOVE everything Richelle Mead! I cannot wait for Silver Shadows to come out - i'm so excited for it! #TheCenterWillHold



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