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My Favourie Things #3


It's the end of another week and once again it's time for the latest post of my favourite things.

I first learnt of Popbasic through one of Shaaanxo's videos and I really loved the concept of the website.  Each month there's a different collection to buy that consists of simple classics pieces of clothing and jewellery.
Popbasic has given me the opportunity to join their ambassador program which is something I am very excited about.  You'll notice there is a Popbasic badge along the side bar and if you click on the link and sign up you'll get $15 credit which is awesome.
Popbasic is launching the Le Breton shirt pretty soon but you can pre order it here.  The shirt is $48 and the website has free shipping which is the best thing ever! This will probably be my first purchase from Popbasic and I am so excited as you can wear the Le Breton any way you want.
Photo from Popbasic.com

 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Love that Pink
I've already done a post on this lipstick which you can see here and I'm mentioning again because it's amazing.  I don't really wear lipstick to uni and on Monday I decided to be brave and wore this colour.  The colour lasted pretty much all day and only need to reapply a little.  When I put it on in the morning my lips were quite dry, I thought it might hinder the wear but it didn't which was great.
Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup ITAtube Vlogs
If you read both Lily and Anna's blogs, watch their videos and follow them on twitter you'll know that they went to ITAtube in Milan.  Italy is one of my dream destinations to both visit and maybe (if I'm lucky) work in as the Italian Renaissance is my favourite period of art history.  Watching both these videos only reaffirmed my love for the country and made me crave pizza and pasta (yum!).
You can watch Lily's vlog here and see Anna's vlog right here.
Hope you all enjoyed this post. Hope you all have a great weekend and Mothers Day :D

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