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My Favourtie Things #5


I'm a bit undecided on whether I'm excited for the weekend. On one hand I get to sleep in and stay warm but on the other hand I've got two essays to do for next week, and being the weekend means the due dates closer and the pressure is on :( Anyway enough with that here's another little post on my favourite things.
Heaters in the Library
Once again kind of random which kind of then makes me random but oh well.  On Wednesday I basically spent the whole day in the library trawling through books trying to find something relevant for my essays.  Literally the first thing I do is snag one of the little study areas in the library where I can just shut the door and relax in the peace and quiet.  The great thing about these little rooms is that there's a heater which has already been turned on so it's toasty warm when I get there. It did rain a bit that day and I don't know about you but there's nothing better than being somewhere warm while it's raining.  All day I was unwilling to leave the room to put books away but eventually I had to leave which kind of broke my heart especially as I was leaving it started to rain again :/
New Bag
This bag became mine only last night so its very new in terms of newness if that's a word.  I got this from Farmers as they were having a big sale on literally everything and because my Mum wanted to go so I really had no choice (though I wasn't complaining).  I been really wanting a new bag for a while now, one that's big enough to fit some books and other stuff but is smaller that my current backpack I use for uni; I find it annoying having to wear it when there's nothing much in it.  Anyway it's black as you can see, it's got a couple of pockets in the front and has a lot of space inside, I'm very excited to start using it.
New Jumper
This was also bought at the same time so it's on the same level of newness as the bag.  In the store I was tossing up between the pink one or the blue one.  Normally I would go for blue as it's a bit safe for me but I loved the pink one more so yeah.  It's very stretchy and very comfortable to wear and since pinks a happy colour (at least for me) hopefully I'll be more happier when I wear it.
 Hope you all enjoyed this post and have a great weekend :D

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