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Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm


This post is a follow up to the Revlon lipstick review as I bought two products because there was a sale and I hadn't bought anything beauty related in ages and I wanted it (does there need to be any other reason).

Like with the other lipstick I swatched about every colour there was and in the end I picked 'Shameless'.  I've seen bloggers rave about these products and I wanted to have one of my own.  Everybody lately is embracing the dark purple lip look, which I love but am not brave enough to do but I got this colour as it's purple which I love.

Some people are not a fan of it's scent which is very pepperminty but I love it. Peppermint reminds me of candy canes which reminds me of Christmas.  It's very easy to apply,  the crayon like tip makes it easier for me to apply accurately and not look like a complete mess.  For me it does not last very long with it wearing off particularly in the inner part of my bottom lip so I do need to reapply. It also helps to have your lips moisturised so it's easier to apply.

Hope you all enjoyed this post

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