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Style Inspiration - Blake Lively


This post is another little spotlight on style that I absolutely obsessed with.  I've been a fan of Blake Lively's style for a while and it wasn't until I saw a photo of her at the Cannes Film Festival wearing an unbelievable dress that I adore that I got inspired for todays post.

These are just a few of the amazing examples of her style which range from glamorous to chic casual.
Top Right - Gucci Première
It was this dress that inspired the post and made me fall in love with her style all over again.  This dress is amazing! I love the deep plum colour of the dress, the way it's structured; corseted at the top and flowy at the bottom. It's basically my dream dress which I would be able to pull off if I had Blake's body *sigh*

Bottom Right - Giambattista Valli Couture
I love how fun this dress is. It's white, has purple/pink flowers on it and has a slit in the front which makes it look like there is another skirt over it.  It looks great paired with some nude heals and Blake of course pulls it off flawlessly thanks to her amazing legs.
Bottom Left - Dior Red Dress
Out of all of the looks I've chosen this look is more of what I would like to wear.  I love the red dress, it's ruffled which softens the look. It looks amazing paired with black leggings and leather jacket. A leather jacket is on the top of my clothing wish list, it goes with anything and can work with both a day or night look.
Top Left - Zuhair Murad
I love the whole 1920s look and Blake pulls it off really well. I love how fitted the dress it, it shows off her curves, and how it the bottom is soft and drapes towards the ground.  The changing design of the lines is very different but works very well and is very illusionistic and focuses on the best parts of her body.  Her hair is amazing, as well with the other outfits, but I just love this hair style, period, very 1920s.
Centre - Versace
This gown is very daring but of course Blake pulls it off flawlessly.  I love how asymmetrical it is with one covered arm and the slit and I am in love with the electric blue colour.  I adore the detailing of the strap things that go across under her bust, it adds some nice detail and kind of stops it from being too plain.
Hope you all enjoyed this post :)

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