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Art Inspiration - Minimalism


I'm officially on study break as of now which means spending much of my time at home trying to force myself to study :/ But it also means I kind of have more time for blogging which I will probably more likely do when procrastinating from studying...
This post is a another little inspiration post thing mixed in with Art History.  Minimalism is a modern art movement I learnt about last semester and is one of the few aspects of modern art I liked and wasn't disturbed by.
Dan Flavin, "Pink out of a corner - to Jasper Johns 1963"
Kosuth, "A Four Color Sentence"
Carl Andre, "Lever" 1966
Richard Serra "Te Tuhirangi Contour"
These are just a few examples, I love how simple they are and how they interact with the environment around them especially with the last image in which the sculpture changes as you move around it.  I particularly like the works that incorporate light and colour, it always fascinates me how something so simple can be really stunning.
Hope you all enjoyed this post :D


  1. Love that Dan Flavin work - so cool!

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    1. I know right! Kind of love it more by the fact that it's pink ;D

  2. Minimalism is one of my all time fav art movements, love everything about it!

    1. Same, it's one of my fav modern art movements! Love the simplicity of it :D

  3. The Dan Flavin is my fave too <3 Great post! x


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