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Elizabeth Arden Makeup Remover


As mentioned in Monday's post I went to a clearance sale on Saturday and picked up a few things.  One of the other things I picked up was some makeup remover by Elizabeth Arden, my aunt swears by it and was nice enough to get me a bottle. I have never really used or had any makeup remover before so this was a first and was excited as I find it very difficult to take off my makeup at the end of the day.
OMG this stuff is amazing. Literally. As I said before this is the first remover I've used so I have no prior experience but this stuff is gold.  This can take off both lip and eye makeup which is great.  The remover looks like liquid in the bottle but once it's on my skin it's almost like a gel mask.  You don't need too much product on as it easily spreads all over your face. 
From the first swipe makeup was coming off easily and was able to remove my Collection Cosmetics Mascara which is reaaally hard to get off.  It doesn't leave my skin dry, as I said it feels gel like on my face, and when I go to rise it off OMG my face feels amazing, so silky smooth like I've had nothing on all day.  I haven't had it for that long but this is pretty much my new favourite thing.
Hope you all enjoyed this post :D There will be no posts on Friday or next Monday as I have exams :( but after Tuesday I'll be free as bird recovering from all the stress.


  1. ooo ive been loooking for a new makeup remover, might have to try this one out!


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    1. Yes! I was pretty surprised how good it was :D


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