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Lost Creavtivity

Like with Monday's post this one is going down the arty route only this time it's art that I have created myself...  This was inspired by Caitlin from Thistle & Tea and her post about things she wanted to achieve.  One of them was to be more creative which got me thinking about how creative I am.
When I was younger I was very creative, I used to create short stories about things children write about (I seem to remember one about three red balls and one wasn't played with as much) and I absolutely loved to paint.  My parents would get me paint and canvases and I would be happy sitting on the floor and creating whatever I had in my head.  These days however most of my time is spent writing about artists than actually being one and whenever I consider creating something I'm at a loss as what to do.

The last one looks like an homage to Jackson Pollack before I even knew who he was.  As you can see I love colour and squares apparently and they all kind of look like modern art (?) When I was younger I always wanted to be able to create realistic works of figures buuuuuuut I quickly discovered I'm not that good at people hence why all the abstract art you see.  With any luck maybe seeing these will kick start my creativity once again, the most creative thing I've done lately is this blog so hopefully I'm moving in the right direction.

Hope you enjoyed this post :D

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