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My Favourite Things #6


Today is my last day of uni for the semester YAY which means no more insanely early mornings where it's dark and cold.  I do have exams to study for buuuuuut I'm not really going to stress about it yet....
Collection Cosmetics Does it all 5 in 1 Mascara
I've mentioned before that I have really wanted to try this out, I've heard good things about it and it's not too expensive which is a plus.  I've needed a new mascara for a while now, my old was not cutting it and was getting annoying to apply.  First off I really love the wand, the bristles are short so there's no hassle in getting clumpy pieces attached and makes it so much easier to apply to the bottom lashes.  The mascara does make my lashes look longer and thanks to the wand I don't get those annoying clumps.

TV On Demand Apps
With my laptop out of commission for a couple of days I've had to find some other stuff to occupy my time.  I had some TV shows I wanted to catch up so got the TVNZ On Demand app on my tablet and basically spent the weekend lying in bed watching shows (so cool).  I won't lie, it was the best thing ever and was pretty much the highlight of my weekend.
Beauty Blogs
Beauty blogs are my guilty pleasure. Every time I read a post I always want to add to my list of beauty items I want, my list is pretty long and will keep growing until I get my hands on some money and go crazy.  I have a separate list for all the MAC products I want so hopefully soon I'll get some of my first MAC products :D
I have quite a number of beauty blogs that I always read, I love Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily Pebbles especially their hauls and reviews and I especially love their favourites in particular if it's to do with lipstick.  There are also a number of New Zealand beauty blogs I love such as Nana Wintour, Cassandra Myee and of course Shaaanxo.  I love reading these blogs as it's from a New Zealand perspective and they blog about products that I'm able to get either in shop or online.  I also love to live vicariously through them especially Shaaanxo, I love her videos and whether they're tutorials or hauls you bet I want everything she uses.
Hope you all enjoyed this post. I would love to know what beauty blogs you love, I always like finding new blogs to read :D


  1. Thanks for the shout out Ashley! I also love Anna, Lily, Sophie, and Shan - her 20 minute hauls are what I live for!

  2. Yes! Monday, Wednesday and Friday are pretty much my favourite days :D


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