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Winter Clean


This weekend has be the first where I could do anything I wanted as I have no more assignments to do for the semester YAS.  On Saturday I was in a cleaning mood so I cleaned my room including behind my dresser which was not a pretty sight.  I also cleaned my desk where my laptop is and where I basically do all my blogging and uni work.

This is the after, I forgot to do a before but I assure you it was a complete mess.  I don't know about anyone else but when a space is messy I somehow don't think clearly and it is very annoying when I can't find anything.  Now everything is all ordered and I can actually see the desk and there is no random pieces of paper anywhere.  From doing all the cleaning I managed to find stuff I thought I lost ages ago which is awesome as it was a bit of mystery as to where they went to...

Usually my laptop would be here but for some reason it won't log in which is very annoying as I pretty much spend most of my time on it so I've had to find other things to do, hence the clean.

Hope you all enjoyed this post

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