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Beauty Shelf


I keep all of my beauty products in my bathroom on my vanity, it's not very big so every bit of surface area is covered so when something falls over there's like a domino effect and brings down everything else with it.
My parents bought and put up a glass shelf on the wall of my bathroom which meant that everything could be moved and neatly put away and not be prone to hit by water from the basin.

As you can see things are somewhat ordered and I can easily grab everything and is pretty close to the basin which is where I stand when doing stuff because the mirror is right in front of it obviously.  My Mum a while ago got me a Cosmetic Organiser from Bed Bath and Beyond so I can neatly keep all my makeup. 
As you can see I really don't have much but I do have quite a long list of things I want to get which I will hopefully one day get.

Hope you all enjoyed this post!


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