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My Favourite Things #10

My Nails
It's been a while since my nails have been painted. I confess it's mostly due to my laziness in bothering to attempt it and also because I can't decide what colour I want to paint them with.  This indecisiveness is due to having pretty much used all the colours I have in my collection and I am just itching to get more colours ;D
I eventually decided on this colour which is Eyes Like Sapphires by China Glaze. I love this colour as it's a deep but also royal blue and you can't really see but it has shimmery bits in it which really make stand out.
Yesterday was my first real escape from the house when my Mum and I went to the mall. We were planning to see a movie but there weren't much options and the movies I really wanted to see were either too late or not showing at all.  We made up for it by shopping and founds some great pieces that were not too expensive. I'll do some haul posts next week to show you what I am now OBSESSED with.
Online Shopping
I know I'm not alone with this one but somehow buying something online just puts me in a good mood. It doesn't matter what it is such as the books I bought for my upcoming courses for university.  The added aspect of getting it in the mail is also part of the excitement. I've always loved getting stuff in the mail since I was little and getting presents is so much better than letters from the IRD.
*just realised this post is mostly about shopping, oh well   :p
Hope you all enjoyed is post and have a great weekend :D

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