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My Favourite Things #11

New Socks
Pretty much all of my socks are boring and old (I really need to go through them and throw some away) so they're not that interesting to write about.  Yesterday after my Mum came home from her travels into town she gave some socks, at first I was like 'oh, socks' then I really looked at them and was like 'OMG socks!' (something like that)

They're cool as far as socks go. You may or may not know France/Paris is a place I'm obsessed with so you'll see why these socks really appealed to me.  I especially love the middle pair, polka dots and a red heart with J'adore on it <3 ;P

I know I'm not the only one that loves Pinterest.  I've had it for a while but only recently gotten back into the obsession of finding images for my boards.  I created a board of my 'dream home' and since then I've been finding inspiration everywhere. I'm really not sure exactly what I'm looking for all I know is if I like the image I'm pinning it.  It's something I could spend hours doing, I especially love searching all the vintage images; dresses, makeup styles... I'm a lost cause.

Organising Clothes
I was going through my drawers one day and just realised how messy it was with clothes just stuffed in and also the fact I didn't wear most of them as they were more summer clothes. I decided to have a clean out and in doing so threw out quite a bit... For some reason I tend to hold on to things just in case I might change my mind or need again, however I was in a particular mood to throw out stuff so it all went which in a way feels very liberating.

Hope you all enjoyed this post :D  Next week I start back at uni, I always try to be on top of everything every semester but never seem to do so. Hopefully I can do it :) I'm also applying for a really cool program which I'm really excited about, it's that time where I have to think about next year but still not sure about what I want to do...


  1. Reading your post has reminded me how much I need to sort through my clothes!

    Joey | www.asecretshopaholic.com

  2. Yes I'm totally addicted to Pinterest. I get sore fingers from scrolling for hours!! It's such good source of inspiration and I've found lots of cool things for my home/wardrobe through it. Oh and recipes. I get excited about new socks too!!

    1. It is an amazing source of inspiration, I always feel motivated to create something :D


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