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My Favourite Things #12

Uni stuff
While I have mentioned that I am stressed already with it still being the first week of the new semester I am however enjoying the lectures and what I am studying.  So far I've only had classes for two of my courses and have been immersing myself in ancient Aegean art and Greek tragedy.  Today I finally have my first Art History lecture which would be a nice change from all the ancient Greek stuff to the Italian Renaissance.
Packages in the mail
I have mentioned this before but I'm once again including this as my books that I ordered on Book Depository are finally and gradually arriving.  I won't lie it's the most exciting thing in the world going to the mail box and finding a package with your name on it, even though they're books for uni it's still exciting.  I'm still waiting on two more books to arrive so the excitement continues!
My IPod
Words cannot describe how much I love/need/rely on my iPod. I use it to check twitter, email, Instagram and of course to listen music which really needs a little overhaul but I just can't bring myself to do it.  It's also very useful when I'm on the train, twice a day for an hour each time :/ It allows me to block out the rest of the world and is especially good when I'm on the train from 3 o'clock onwards, noisy school kids in a confined are *sigh*
Hope you all enjoyed this post! Have an amazing weekend :D


  1. I squeel a bit when I get a package in the mail, it's so exciting! Haha

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

    1. Same! It's one of the best things in the world :D


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