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My Favourite Things #9

True Blood
I've been kind of lost for a while as all my favourite shows are on hiatus; Game of Thrones, Reign, Vampire Diaries and others.  I've been at a loss as to how to fill my time which belonged to obsessively watching these shows but now one of my obsessions is back and it is True Blood.  I only really started watching it when it was a few seasons in but now I'm so wrapped up in it.  This season started is it's last ever so it's a bit sad but I'm really interested to see how their going to end it.
My Wall
This one sounds a bit weird but whenever I'm bored or procrastinating from uni work I just gaze over to the wall as it's pretty to look at and to imagine being in Paris, one of my dream places to go.
The three canvas image of Paris is from the Warehouse, The Audrey Hepburn image is from Briscoes, the LOVE cut out is from the Market Day in Pauanui a few years ago.  The ribbons and bow is from when Mum decorated my room for my birthday and I just decided to leave it up.
I did the Disney Tag on Monday and since then I've been remembering all the amazing movies (including Frozen).  When I was younger I was Disney and most specifically princess obsessed.  I would always find it hard to which dress was my favourite and with Sleeping Beauty to choose whether I preferred it blue or pink.  She was one of my favourite princesses as she had three fairy godmothers, her hair was so pretty and blonde and of course because of her dress which was both blue and pink.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, hope you all have a great weekend :D

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