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Popbasic Le Breton


I mentioned Popbasic before which you can see here. I mentioned I was probably going to order their Le Breton shirt, well I did and today it arrived which is very exciting and I currently have it on now.

Please excuse the haggard photo-shopping skills, you don't want to see what was behind me.
I got mine in a large, I always worry when I buy stuff online that it would be too small but thankfully it's not. It's actually a bit baggy but I like it. 
As you can see it is long sleeved and is generous in length.  What you can't see however is how soft the material is, it's very comfortable to wear and I often find myself stroking it which is a bit weird but whatever.
I very happy I ordered it and I can see myself wearing it a lot of the time.  If your not on Popbasic's mailing list you should know that you can now pre-order the Le Breton in red here. Just like the one I have but red stripes. Like with this shirt it is $48 US and the website has free shipping which is the best thing ever!  There is a Popbasic badge along the side bar at the bottom and if you click on the link you'll get $15 credit!
Hope you all enjoyed this post :D

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