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Shopping Trip Pt 1


I mentioned in Friday's post that I went for a shopping trip with my Mum on Thursday.  I got some pieces that I've really wanted for some time which is great, I'll show some of it in this post and the other pieces later on.
Pretty much the first stop we made was to Mirrou which was right by the entrance to the mall. I love Mirrou in that they have some really great pieces that don't cost a lot so I always love going in and seeing what they have.  I found some pieces I really liked and left the store with two shirts.
As you can see the first is just a nice fitted grey shirt which I can just wear with anything. It flares out at the bottom which is great for me as it doesn't draw attention to my stomach.
The second top is something I saw when I went to Mirrou before and I really liked it so this time around when I saw it again I got it.  I just love how simple it is; black and white with the hearts. It's quite long, it could possibly be a short-ish dress, and the material is very soft which is a plus.
I've always loved the skirt over tights look but I don't really have much of the way of skirts which I could do that with so I've been wanting to get some skirts for some time.
This is one of the three skirts I picked up and is from Temt and was on sale for $8!! As you can see it's black and white and has a floral design on it and has a stretchy waist. I love it and since I got it I've been wearing it around a lot.
Like I said I got some other pieces mostly skirts and some boots which I will do a post for later this week.
Hope you all enjoyed this post :p


  1. You got some great buys! I love a shopping trip when you come back with some great pieces at sale prices. I especially love the top with the hearts - very cute.

    1. Thank you! I always love looking at the sale racks and finding that one amazing piece :D


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