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Shopping Trip Pt. 2


This post is a continuation of the one on Monday where I'm showing off all the clothes I got which I am now obsessed with and can't live without.

Once'it posted this last week and I believe it correctly describes how I am feeling about my new purchases.

Like I said on Monday's post I love the whole skirt over tights look and have been in dire need of some skirts. 
These two are both from Valley Girl and they are now my favourite pieces of clothing.  I especially love the tartan one so much you won't believe, I really want a tartan dress now!  There weren't much sizes left of the top skirt and the biggest they had was a 12, but thankfully it fitted me because I love it, it's black and white and you could dress it up or keep it casual.
I've wanted some black boots for quite some time now, I have a tan pair which I love but black goes with everything.  These are from Number One Shoes and there're not too high and uncomfortable and I love the buckle detail.  I could wear these with both skirts and jeans so it's good to know I can get some good use out of them unlike some of my other shoes...
Hope you all enjoyed this post! :D


  1. Plaid and ankle boots make me so excited for fall. Really great buys!!

    And lovely blog! :)

    xx, Vieve


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