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Chocolate Truffles


So it was just another Saturday afternoon when I went down to the kitchen to refill my glass of water.  My brother who was also in the kitchen at the time asked me to make him some chocolate truffles, it was the second time he asked me and I didn't really have anything else to do so I made them. I started without really checking if anything was there (I do that a lot) but I made do and I thought I'd share the proper recipe that's in the book as well as what I just chucked in.
These are the finished product, they just look like balls of dough but my brother says they're good which is nice seeing as I spend a good amount of time on them and made my arm sore.
The recipe comes from 'The Best of Alison Holst, Over 1000 Recipes and Tips'. I'm pretty sure my Mum has had it for a while and has a variety of recipes.
The Recipe in the Book
1/2 packet (125g) wine/plain biscuits
100g soft butter
1/4 cup cocoa
1 cup icing sugar
1/2 coconut
1/4 cup chopped walnuts
1/4-1/2 tsp essence
First thing I like to do is soften the butter first and then crush up all the biscuits and add them to the butter and mix. Next I add the cocoa and icing sugar and mix, you want the mixture to be stickyish so add some water if it's too dry.  Then just roll them into balls and put them into the fridge, they're really easy and there's no need to use an oven.
For the batch in the picture I left out the coconut and the walnuts as my brother doesn't like them but you can add anything else you want.  There wasn't much cocoa left (I should've checked...oops) but I just added in a Dark Mocha coffee packet to make up for it.  He wanted me to add some of his protein powder stuff which I'm not really sure works with chocolate... but oh well and I just added in icing sugar till he liked the taste.
Hope you all enjoyed this post, it's a bit different to what I usually do but I do love to bake, I find it fun to make something from scratch.


  1. These look really delicious. I def need to try and make truffles sometime! Love your blog design btw!

    Lets keep in touch and follow each other on bloglovin! I always follow back!

    Love from Canada,
    Marie from www.ElleCharie.com


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