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Escape to Rotorua


Over the weekend my family and I went to Rotorua because my sister was doing the Tough Girl and Guy challenge for school and we ended up staying for the rest of the weekend.  It was amazing, it felt like we were there for a whole week and was nice to just relax and not stress about uni stuff.
We went down early Friday morning as the challenge started at 11 and my parents wanted to watch my sister race. It was FREEZING, the sky was clear but the wind was icy cold and I felt sorry for the racers who had to jump into a pond and race around wet.
My sisters friends family also went down and they and my sister did the Zorb on Friday afternoon and on Saturday went to Agroventures and did the Swoop and the Bungy. My sister was going to do those two but she decided against it and did the Shweeb instead.  I took a video of my sister's friends doing the Swoop which you can see here. It's safe to say I will not be doing that ever.
At Agroventrures there were animals that really caught everybody's attention...
They were pretty huge
On Sunday there was a Fair/Craft market and there was the biggest inflatable slide I've ever seen

My sister went on it on Saturday which was ironic since she didn't want to do the Swoop... 
Of course I took some pretty pictures of the lake
Like I said I really enjoyed the trip and was sad to come home and face reality.
Hope you all enjoyed this post!


  1. I love Rotorua. My family like to go there for a holiday a couple times per year. Lots of cool and interesting things to do there.

    1. It's amazing, there is so much cool things to do and it's also nice to just walk around town :D


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