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Home Inspiration - White


I wasn't really sure what I wanted to blog about but as I was going through my Bloglovin feed I recalled being inspired by a certain bloggers posts about interior design which then lead me to create a board on Pinterest dedicated to it.
Kate from Gh0stparties has done a series of posts on design inspiration and pictures of her new place.  As you can see from this post on her bedroom and her home mood board she is fond of the shade white.  I've never really thought as to how I would one day style and decorate my future home but after seeing her posts I'm now really obsessed with the all white look and as I've mentioned I've create a whole board on Pinterest.
You can have a look at all my Pinterest boards by clicking the link on the sidebar but here are a few images I found that I really love.
I love how simple and elegant these rooms are and I especially love how striking the black and white striped wall paper is especially in contrast to the rest of the photos.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! I would love to know what kind of home designs you like, I love finding new inspirations.


Feel free to comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.