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My Favorite Things #16

Nivea Vitamin Shake Cranberry and Raspberry Lip Balm
I got this while at Rotorua, it was $2 at the Warehouse and was too good to pass up.  I mentioned in Monday's post how chapped my lips were so I really needed to get a good lip balm.  I really like it, I put some on whenever I feel my lips are too dry and I have noticed a bit of an improvement of the state of my lips, they're no longer disgusting especially in the morning.  It does smell fruity but not as good as the Strawberry one and the balm itself is pink with fused hints of white which I love, it's just pretty to look at.

Essie Button's Nordic Vlogs
Essie and her boyfriend Aslan recently went on a trip to Denmark and Norway and vlogged their trip.  I've been obsessed with these videos, I find it fascinating seeing and learning about different countries and what cool stuff there is to do.  Watching these definitely makes me want to go to Europe and just travel around. It would be cool/freaky to just drive to another country.  You can watch her amazing vlogs here, here as well as right here.

Bloodlines - Silver Shadows
I've mention how much I love the Bloodlines series before, you can see a brief summary of it here.  The latest book, Silver Shadows has recently come out and I got it as soon as I could.  I'm trying to take it slow and not read it all at once but I'm kind of failing, oh well.  The previous book didn't end so well for the characters so hopefully things get better for them, i.e Sydney and Adrian find each other and have a sort of happy ending. I might of read the last page of the book... I tend to do that a lot, I'm not patient in finding out how it all ends *sigh*.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and have a great weekend!


  1. I quite like Nivea products so I'll have to have a look for this next time I'm at the shop :) Nice post!


  2. Definitely going to try the lip balm! Totes want to travel the world too


    1. Travelling the world is one of my dreams, just need the money...


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