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My Favourite Things #14

Tartan Skirt
I did a post on this skirt as well as some other purchases a while ago which you can see here. It's one of my favourite pieces of clothing ever, I don't know why but I just have a thing for tartan and I really really want a tartan dress, I'm on the look out.  I haven't worn it as much as I would like, it's been really cold at the moment and my default is jeans which is a bit boring. 
Chocolate Biscuits
Lately the cupboard has been stocked with some very delicious chocolate biscuits. This is both good and bad.  For someone like me this really bad as once I see a packet open I just have to have a couple which then leads me to have a couple more and so on.  I acknowledge I have a chocolate problem, I however have no plans to fix it.  So with that said I am going to have another biscuit...
Beauty Buys
This week Pagan Marie Boutique had pre orders open for Lime Crime lipsticks which I am obsessed with.  When I saw the pre orders were open, I couldn't resist and had to get another one.  I bought Glamour 101 which is a rich, wintery red.  This one has been on my wish list for quite a while so I headed straight to it.  I can't wait till it gets here and be sure there will a post on how gorgeous it is.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and hope you have a great weekend! :D


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