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My Favourite Things #15

Shaaanxo Vlogs
Shannon recently went on a Contiki trip with some other YouTube stars and this week she uploaded some vlogs about her trip. She went around Europe to a number of countries which is something I really really want to do.  I especially love the videos which included Italy, it's one of my dream destinations and would love to see the Colosseum and the Vatican some day.  You can see all of her vlogs of the trip here.
Vatican City - St Peter's Square
Trip to Rotorua
Tomorrow/today when your all reading this I will be on my way to Rotorua.  My sister is doing this Tough Girl and Guy challenge (I think that's it) for here P.E class so we're all going apart from my brother.  I am so excited, it's like a mini little break and Rotorua is one of my favourite places to visit.  I'll try to take some photos so I can blog about it next week.
Chocolate Sundae
Last night/at this very moment as I writing this on Thursday my sister just drove off to McDonalds and got dessert YUS! I always get a chocolate sundae, always have and always will. It's one of the most delicious things ever and I'm always sad when I've finished it.
Hope you enjoyed this post and have a great weekend :D

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