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My Favourite Things #17

Red Shoes
I got these shoes for my birthday which was back in March and I hadn't really worn them much as I thought they didn't really go with most of my clothes.  One day I decided to wear them and I swear they're one of the most comfiest shoes ever.  Usually after a day of walking around uni my feet start to feel sore but in these shoes I kind of feel like I'm walking on pillows. They're also soft on the outside and I always find myself stroking them... and of course they're pretty.

End of Semester half
Today is the last day of the first half of the semester and I am sooo happy.  I get to sleep in, not have to catch the train and walk around Auckland when I have nothing else to do.  I do have a couple of essay's I do need to work on but I can deal with it as long as I can stay in my pyjamas.
Shopping and being able to take the stuff home just instantly makes me feel better.  Farmers were having a one day sale yesterday so my Mum and I went along.  My aunt was there as well and we all found some great stuff especially in the clearance section which was full of gems including a denim jacket which I may of got... Expect to see a post next week! 
Hope you all enjoyed this post and have a great weekend!


  1. I can totally relate to the mid-semester break! It's a much needed breather, but is never enough! Hope uni is going well for you this year! I found your blog via NZ Bloggers page :)

    1. Thank you! So far so good, this is my last semester which is scary ;p


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