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Straight(ish) Hair


In the last couple of days I've been compelled to straighten my hair after not doing it for months.  I have quite thick hair so it does take a while to get it somewhat straightened. Usually my hair is very bushy and messy and having it straight kind of calms it down somewhat (I still however get knots in my hair thanks to the wind)
I get my hair somewhat straight, naturally my hair is wavy and I still leave some wave in it.  Most days I just wear my hair down, it's easy and unimaginative and on weekends I might tie it up when I'm at home. I mostly do this down to laziness and also to hide my ears, they stick out a lot so I prefer to keep them covered.  I tried doing a plait to make it more interesting but was an ultimate fail so yeah.
As you can see there is quite a bit of regrowth and my natural colour is starting to show (I've dyed my hair for so long I've forgotten what it was) I dyed it black after watching the Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence looked amazing and I wanted that hair colour!  Instead of dying it again I just decided to let the colour grow out.  I also really need a haircut, my hair feels longer than it looks and it's just getting annoying.
Hope you all enjoyed this post. Yesterday I took the plunge and make a Facebook page for the blog. There's a link in the sidebar and like it if you want :D

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