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First Lush Haul


Yesterday I ventured into the city with the goal to get some more resources for my essays which I am forcing myself to do these holidays, it's not easy.  I did accomplished half of what I set out to do and the rest of the day I just wandered around Queen Street and went into shops with the urge to buy.  I was so tempted to buy some stuff in Glassons, I especially loved this one dress but it was $50 and I was like no :(  I did however get some stuff from Lush which I have wanted for a while.

After being in the shop for a while and smelling everything I finally decided on a lip scrub and a face mask.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub
I mentioned before how disgusting my lips have been during winter and I have wanted to get a lip scrub.  In the store I was standing there for a good while tossing up between getting Bubblegum or Popcorn.  I eventually went for Bubblegum as it's so sweet and of course it's pink (I just couldn't resist) I love it so far, I only need a tiny bit on my little finger and I just rub it all over my lips.  Did I mention it also tastes amazing too ;p

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask
I've really wanted to get a face mask for a while and I particularly wanted one that helped with oily skin as I am a sufferer.  Cupcake is suppose to absorb excess oil and calm breakouts which is exactly what I need.  As you can see it's very gooey and smells like peppermint chocolate! Seriously it does and I get to put it on my face ;p

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

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