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My Favourite Things #18

Winning Stuff
This week I found out I had won Laura Loves Beauty Blog's giveaway to celebrate her getting over 200 followers on Instagram.  Like I've said before I have a bad memory when it comes to things I've entered so once again I completely forgot I entered and was a great surprise when I won because I rarely win anything.  So yeah, that was my excitement for the week. 
Rimmel Apocalips
I have a feeling that I've mentioned this before a couple of times but I going to mentioned again because I love it so much.
My one is in the shade 303 Apocaliptic (I think) and is a nice hot bright pink.  I really love the applicator, the tip can nicely outline my lips and it's also just feels nice to paint my lips with it.  This has pretty incredible lasting power and is an absolute nightmare to get off but what can you do.  I now want all their shades.
The high feeling you get when you've worked on a essay
This one is really weird but it's true, when I've made some progress on my essays I always get this buzz.  I don't know how to describe it, it's like a feeling of accomplishment and also relief knowing it will be a little bit less stressful the day before the due date.  I have two essays to do but I've been favouring one over the other because (1) There's more words to do (2) It's due the first Monday back and (3) I still have no idea what I'm writing about for the other one :/
Hope you all enjoyed this post and hope you all have a great weekend!

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